Nurses and their Stories - Vision and Direction

Something that has really become apparent to me on this site is the wealth of experienced, senior Nurses who may or may not be working any longer.

Ladies and gentlemen, your knowledge and experience is pure gold.

There would not be among you a challenge or a confronting situation you have not faced during the course of your careers.

On this site also - currently sitting back as a quieter majority we also have our incredibly passionate, caring, energetic, visionary, enthusiastic, terrified (as we all were!!!) new generation of student and graduate nurses sitting on the sidelines thinking wow, gosh I wish we got to train like that! It is not like that for us!

So they sit back, enjoy the posts and are silent bystanders.

In this way, I believe we are missing a huge opportunity with this page.

We have a page that is full of our most junior nurses through to our most senior retired nurses and hence I believe we have the perfect place for one and all to share and support together.

Nursing has always been a culture that has shared and debriefed through talking the highs and lows of the day through.

When I graduated and was working, conversation at morning tea was a time to destress and debrief over a cuppa with your colleague. Fast forward 2019 - tea breaks are spent catching up on our phone updates.

So, the page becomes the perfect place to reach out to your fellow colleagues to say “hey I am struggling today, has anyone had this experience and how did you deal with it”.

A problem shared is a problem halved.

I know this may take a little encouragement but I really encourage ALL the Student Nurses and Graduate Nurses who are members of this page to please invite your fellow students and nursing colleagues to join our page - both from Tassie, Interstate and Overseas.

Also for ALL our Senior or retired Nurses to do the same.

This way we may begin to build some massive bridges and carry over. Key learnings and valuable mentoring between the trainings of old and the new NURSING IN THE NOW AND INTO THE FUTURE a merging of our nursing culture breaking down any residual divide for incredible strengthening and growth of our profession.

So I would like to thank those of you who have approached me through private message with suggestions about having additional streams of the page - to keep all groups of individuals and generations engaged.

For this moment tough I ask that you assist me with this passion of mine to achieve something that has so far never been achieved and as such all parties post content of interest to yourself that you want to share as will I during the week.

I do hope you all feel as excited regarding the possibilities ahead.

I am also about to start an instagram page to promote this awesome page, and hopefully invite more of our nursing family to join us.

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