I have created for us all as a nursing community to utilise as a platform for sharing. Our culture of nursing I believe is like a patchwork quilt - so many different fabrics, shapes and stitches that bring us together as a community.

Nurses at one point or another have impacted all of our lives whether you are a nurse, or whether your life or a loved ones has been impacted by a nurse.

The motivation for me to commence this page came after I made what I thought was a simple ANZAC Day tribute to nurses who have served tending to the sick, wounded and dying at times of war.

I loved collating the images, but never imagined the impact that post would have. 

What has followed since then has been nothing short of amazing 

240,000 people saw the post
4.7k shared the post

With no paid promotion - all organic!

The stories, comments images and conversations that flowed were amazing.

So frankly I do not want it to stop. Clearly, this is something as a community that brought us all together through this post - so can we please keep it going and grow it further.

But in this forum let’s not just restrict the conversation to our veteran nurses - let’s extend it to all nursing stories. A place to share, debrief and connect across the globe!

Let’s keep the culture and fabric of nursing alive.

I have intentionally made this a Private group - so you all feel comfortable posting your photos and stories in a safe space - you will just need to request to join the group first and then you will be free to start posting.

From the ANZACS, to Representing our country at all times of conflict- to nursing in the outback, rural and remote locations, third world countries, hospitals, community - the list is endless and the fabric of our profession immense.