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Mind Matters

Support for individual's caring for a loved one suffering anxiety, depression or anxiety. Feel free to share thoughts.

Nurses and their Stories

Every nurse has a story.
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  • Happy Sunday everyone, Thankyou for your interest so far in this’s Site. I welcome you here with open arms. I am looking forward to this community growing, meanwhile I am really hopeful that some of you may be able to share with us anything you would like to discuss our share on this platform. Are you or a loved one suffering from a mental health issue or addiction? Please let friends and family know about this forum - let’s start to build a community of support. Lisa
  • Welcome to this my first forum everyone! This forum is about a topic I am really passionate about- to reach out a hand of support to parents and caters of loved ones, friends and family who are supporting someone through mental illness - anxiety, depression and addiction. I am really excited to Hear about all of your experiences, concerns and ideas - positive and negative! I want this to be a space to find comfort and support, where you can find a community of individuals who have or are also travelling your path. You are not alone. Please recommend this forum to anyone you know who is also going through this experience. You are not alone! I only ask that everyone Is respectful of each other’s postings and we refrain from any negativity. This platform is about support, finding a safe place and working on finding solutions Please share freely as you feel comfortable Lisa x

mind matters

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nurses & their stories

Forum Rules & Policies

These guidelines ensure the site remains one of celebration and nurturing of our wonderful profession - not one of exclusion and judgement. There is no such thing as better or worse - it is what it is.

1. There is to be to be no breach of confidentiality from a nurse patient perspective. Being respectful and at all times conscious of our professional codes of conduct. Stories can be told without direct reference to patient names.

2. The next issue which cuts to the core of our cultural issues in nursing is the whole concept of university vs hospital trained nurses issue and that one is better than the other. We are ALL nurses and the training/education is just different and reflective of the time/expectations of when we joined the profession.

3. No derogatory comments are permitted as regards trains modalities.

4. Healthy conversation is encouraged but not destructive negativity.