I most importantly want to thank my wonderful husband Rowan,

and my children – Alexandra, Nikolas, Sarah and Victoria

who have all done their part in supporting me unconditionally whilst having to tolerate the long absences I have had away from home to set up this business.

I dedicate the opening of this facility to the memory of my much-loved Grandparents Alva and Max Phillips whose belief in me to achieve anything I chose to do in my life knew no limits.


Also to my parents Jan and Graeme Phillips who without their love and
support none of this would have been possible.


Rowan has been by my side during this journey with constant support and unconditional belief in me in all ways possible and I thank him for that.


I want to express my sincere thanks to my amazing team of health professionals, Practice Manager

and Administrative Team.

Thank you for assisting me in realising our dream to work in this incredible model.