Empowering Teens & Women To Dream, Believe & Achieve

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The Big Picture

Seeing the complete, overarching perspective on a situation or issue.


Small details do not tell the entire story

There are usually other factors to consider when “painting a picture”

of the scenario in your mind.

Lisa Sproule,Big Picture Living is...

A health, wellness and lifestyle hub for girls and women.  Here you will find coaching, online courses, social media and collaborative working spaces that ignite female potential and assist women on their path to true inner health and wellness. 


Big Picture Living provides a “safe” place where guidance, motivation support and community can be found across relevant topics including physical and mental health, empowerment, parenting, goal setting and navigating life as a woman.


Lisa is here to help guide you learn to see the 'Big Picture' move beyond your comfort zone where you will see that there is more than one way to do anything!

Programs and Free Communities...

Learn to shift your mindset so that you can turn your life around, experience personal growth and break down your barriers to success.

In this 1:1 Coaching Program Lisa will help you identify and harness your area of brilliance and navigate your journey forward with inspiration and a vision of what your Big Picture could look like!

Are you a current Nurse. retired Nurse or Student Nurse looking for a way to connect with like minded people?

Every Nurse Has A Story is an online community that provides a space to share stories, support each other and ultimately brings us together.


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Lisa has created a range of online programs all with the underlying theme of empowering Teen Girls and Women to dream, believe and achieve.


 You will learn valuable skills for becoming a leader in your own life, the importance of self care and mind set, body image and how to achieve what you want and develop a life game plan. 

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